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  Sponsored IFB Solutions, Winston Salem, NC 


  Collaboration with Naomi Venable, Development Specialist, of IFB Solutions, Winston-Salem, NC, (Mother's Day Gift Baskets/Raffle)

  Collaboration with Skyy Wonders, Owner/Editor, of IMARO Magazine, Atlanta, GA

  Ria's Beauty Collection partnered with UNFI Marketplace as a supplier,

  Ria's Beauty Collection partner with Avnah Collection, World Fashion Designer, during New York Fashion Week, Atlanta, GA



  Ria's Beauty Collection was represented by Arlene Martin, The Hair Architect, Emmy Nominated, Industry Mogul and more, at

  The World Natural Hair Show, Atlanta, GA.

  Ria's Crafts and Things featured by Hannah Chenoweth, Storyteller and Content Strategist of Woman's, story on

  crocheting/knitting side gigs.


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