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      About Us

Hi!  I'm Marie Davis, Founder/CEO, of Ria's Beauty Collection LLC, Founder of Ria’s Crafts and Things, Author, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified in Chronic Pain Self-Management, Administrative Secretary, and more, residing in Salisbury, NC.  


Ria's Beauty Collection launched in 2015.  Ria's Beauty Collection has incorporated a formula of whipped Shea Butter with over twenty scents that provides healing moisture to dry skin and soothing comfort for those experiencing eczema and other skin ailments or conditions.  Additional products include lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair serum, and more.

Battling skin issues can be very depressing and stressful leading to self-esteem issues, lack of confidence, feeling unattractive, and relying on makeup for satisfaction.  I've always experienced skin problems due to my sensitive skin.  During my teenage years, I dealt with acne.  Later in my adulthood, I started experiencing eczema during the winter months, which caused my skin to look unsightly.   After the eczema occurred and medications didn't seem to work, I decided to go the natural route for healing.

I began searching for products at various locations.   After numerous unsuccessful attempts in locating products that benefited my skin, I decided to formulate my own products at the advice of my youngest daughter.  This was the best advice ever.   I knew that if I was experiencing difficulty in my search then others were going through the same thing also.

Creating Ria's Beauty Collection skin/hair products has benefited myself and others in a positive way.  It eliminates the need to rely on other skin/hair products that may consist of harsh chemicals or that don't work.  This has also terminated my eczema issue and make-up addiction which makes the creation of our products all worthwhile.

Our mission is to continue providing healthy and nontoxic skincare and haircare products that are beneficial in solving and improving skin and hair conditions for those that are experiencing difficulties with their issues and to make a positive impact on their lives.


Our products are located at,, or


Ria's Beauty Collection also believes in giving back through articles, blogs, videos, demos, donations, collaborations, vending, volunteering, giveaways, and more.  Thanks for supporting Ria's Beauty Collection.  We appreciate your business.

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