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Five star reviews

Jess:  Great product. Been purchasing for about 3 to 4 years now. Great for skin and hair.

Kim Carr:

This website is amazing and full of good information about the products.


Jessica Robert:

Your website's design is absolutely brilliant.  The visuals enhance your message and the content compels action. 

I've forwarded to a few of my contacts who I think could benefit from your services.

Avnah Long:

I absoultely love the whipped shea butter and the lotion! The shea butter is very light and moisturizes my skin.



I love the hand sanitizer. My hands feel clean immediately after applying. Thank you.


 I love your hand sanitizer. It really cleans my hands. Love the lemon scent. *****


Love the products! *****

My order was delivered today!  I can't wait to start using the products.  Be sure that I will order again soon.

 I let my hairdresser try some of the rose garden lotion.  She liked the texture and the aroma.  

Thanks again!



Love the lotions. I received one as a gift from my friend from Veda Howell and now I am hooked. My husband and

kids are now using up my stash.


Arlene Martin: 

I love everything about these products! The fragrances are superb and the texture is Devine! I have been using these products for years and I've never been disappointed.


D’Naymi Propst:

I have eczema and this is the only product that will keep my skin moist and hydrated throughout the day. I highly recommend!! The scents are to die for, I love it!

Tierra Long:

Highly recommended products. It Leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated after one application!

Kenneth Holt:

I love Ria's Beauty Collection handmade and natural products. It's great to know that they have natural products for the men too. They definitely have a repeat customer.


Stacy Springer:

I recently purchase products from a health store in Atlanta named Sevanada. I purchased the lotions and whipped shea butter

and I am very please with these natural products.

Emily Gaither:

Love the whipped Shea Butter! Fast delivery.

Debra Williams: 

The Rose Garden is my favorite scent. I goes on well and very smooth on the skin. Not heavy at all

Tabitha Smith:

Great product, reasonable price and fast shipping

Gregory Wright:

I love these products and will purchase more soon. Thank you

Dean Brooks:

I received my order, and we loved it.

Eva Davis:

This product (tea tree shea butter) works good for my husband. Thank you for introducing and sharing your product

Lester Wallace:

Great products and service. The whipped Lavender Shea Butter is the best Shea Butter I have ever purchased. The service is excellent all my questions were answered in a timely and professional manner.


Awesome product, I love the quality and quantity. My skin has been in great shape ever since I've started using Ria's beauty collection.

Tony Duncan:

Hey my name is Tony Duncan I've been using the product for at least 5.

Tony Kesler:

I also had two knee replacements I've been using the product on my knee it is working great love it love it love it 5 years since I've been using this absolutely the best if I could show you before pictures and after pictures I would.

Nita Hires

I love my products and the scents linger on for you all day. I love using these products.

Philip Davis Oppong

Jojoba and rose garden are my favorite shea butters and lots of my relatives love the organic and holistic access its provides for ones skin health.

Ria Andrei

I love this beautiful beauty collection. Top 5 of all time. We have the same name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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